Yoga came into my life at a time when I wanted change.  At the end of 2013 I was trying to figure out what inspired me most so I could unite my personal passion with my professional career.  As I became more involved with my own practice I noticed many changes occur. Over the years I had a lot of trauma bottled up inside.  Yoga opened me up and allowed me to address the psychological pain that was trapped within my physical body.  By stretching and meditating I found the emotional release necessary to begin the healing process. This made me want to become a teacher so I could help others empower themselves. 

Like everyone else I go through ups and downs, failures and successes, emotional highs and lows, but it all helps me feel closer to understanding who I am and want to become. What I love about teaching is how much I learn from my students and how supportive the environment is.  We all come to the mat with a different purpose.   My intention is to help you reach whatever goals you have on that particular day.  I am not interested in the aesthetics of your pose or the perfect yogi Instagram photo.  I believe yoga is about releasing the ego and finding balance.

I have over 500 hours of accredited training and will continue to expand my knowledge. I teach various formats in studios around Los Angeles, and my vision for yoga is that it can be experienced by people of any age and background.  I completed two yoga-for-kids trainings and currently teach at elementary schools.  I also lead outreach programs in efforts to grow yoga for youth. 

Thank you for visiting my site.  Contact me if you want to connect, I would love to hear from you.