Yoga came into my life at a time when I wanted change. Over the years I had trauma bottled up inside from physical and sexual abuse. As I became more involved with my practice I began to address the psychological pain that was trapped within my physical body. By stretching and meditating I found the emotional release necessary to begin the healing process. This inspired me to become a teacher so I could help others empower themselves and discover inner strength.

It has become my passion to spread the practice of yoga to all walks of life. My intention is to create a comfortable space for self-observation and evolution. I invite my students to explore what feels good and go outside your comfort zone. I have over 500 hours of accredited training and integrate findings from my own practice that helped me overcome suffering. My classes are designed to cultivate openness, strength, and awareness in an accessible way. It is my mission to offer compassionate support and foster a community where you can be yourself. I am not interested in the aesthetics of your pose or the perfect yogi Instagram photo. I believe yoga is about releasing the ego and finding balance.

I teach various formats in studios and corporate wellness centers around Los Angeles. My vision for yoga is that it can benefit people of any age and background. I completed two yoga-for-kids trainings and lead outreach programs in efforts to grow yoga for youth. I also host monthly yoga events downtown in collaboration with musicians and innovative brands to create a memorable experience. I am always a student before a teacher and will continue to expand my knowledge to better serve you.

Thank you for visiting my site. Contact me if you want to connect, I would love to hear from you.